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Hate Nothing angers me more than when people misuse a word. When people devalue a word with so much meaning, and reduce it to a word of common use. Such is the case when people use the word hate. We can never understand the true meaning of the word, because only the person who thought of the word, can truly know how great the value of hate is.

Many people relate the word with a strong dislike, but it is much more than that. Hate is not a feeling of dislike or distaste. It is not just feeling animosity towards something or someone. You can never semi-hate something. It is an overwhelming feeling that never dies. Hate doesn't die, it is ever living. The feeling doesn't come and go like one of envy or admiration, it is a scar on your soul. Permanent.

Hate carries with it a large sack of actions and feelings.

If you truly hate someone, to the full meaning of the word, you will definitely know. Whenever you see, touch, taste, or smell the object that you feel hate towards, your stomach will begin to turn, and it will feel as if someone has placed it in a blender, and is trying to make a purée of your insides. Your body temperature will rise with the quickness of a cheetah, and will become so high, that you would probably be able to cook breakfast on your forehead. You would then start to shake uncontrollably with no indication as to why, but the reason is that the hate that has been building up inside you is trying to come out in one great fit of rage, and your brain, knowing the damage that could be done, is trying it's hardest to keep it all inside of your...