Hate Crimes

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Hate Crimes


There thousands of crimes and acts of violence committed every day, many of them only affect the life of the victims and do not pose a major threat to society as a whole. Unfortunately this is not the case for hate crimes, they are major prevalent issue in the United States and cause distress to thousands, maybe even millions of people each year and can potentially dramatically impact society as a whole; this paper takes a look at the various factors of hate crimes, statistics, causes and effects and recommendations on what needs to be done to minimize the issue.

Hate crimes are a major issue in almost every region of the Nation and effects a large number of individuals every year. Hate crimes are defined as criminal offenses against an individual, group of individuals and even property, these crimes are motivated in whole or in part with bias against a race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability; it is when a perpetrator targets a victim due to their perceived involvement in a certain social group (AIU Online, 2013).

This prevalent issue has been meet with steady persistence despite discouragement and harsh punishments. There are a number of various factors that contribute to this nationally occurring, life altering, and life threatening form of violence. The first step in correcting the problem is admitting and recognizing that there is one, and then it is necessary to analyze the cause and effect of the problem and finally coming up with ideas and a plan of action to correct the issue or minimize the impact of the issue.

Hate crimes are considered to be one of the most vicious types of crimes, not only because of the subject matter but also the fact that it is intended to instill fear...