A Haunting Tragedy

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A Haunting Tragedy

What is a tragedy? A tragedy in literature is a work that "depicts the downfall of the leading character whose life, its disastrous end notwithstanding, represents something significant" (Quinn 1). A very famous piece of literature considered to be a tragedy is, Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In this ill-fated play, the protagonist, reaches his fateful end by a poisoned sword. However, when compared to the twenty-first century, there are no poisoned swords in modern society; instead, there are guns, explosives, and knives. A tragedy in reality is an event causing great destruction and chaos, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. In our world today, a few examples of a tragedy are: the war on terror, earthquake in Haiti, collapse of the twin towers in New York, and the tsunami in 2004. These events are unpredictable, yet devastating, that may happen anytime and anywhere.

The day began just like any other: New York was bustling with people waiting in line for coffee, running to the subway, or waiting for the taxi to get to work.

This was just another day, and people continued with their daily routine. However, it was not long before disaster struck - the twin towers collapsed. Scores of victims, both injured and the ones who perished became targets of a malicious terrorist attack. "For some people, the pain never stops. In Malaysia, Pathmawathy Navaratnam woke up Sunday in her suburban Kuala Lumpur home and did what she's done every day for the past decade: wish her son Vijayashanker Paramsothy 'Good morning.' The 23-year-old financial analyst was killed in the attacks on New York" (Perry 1). Even though ten years have passed, on the anniversary of 9/11, families relive this horrific event. The pain, anger, and grief suppressed throughout the year, breaks...