To Have Or Not To Haveâ€"that Is The Question

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To Have or Not to Have"”that is the Question We, as a whole country, recently rang in the New Year with celebrations and hopes of a better year than before. We expect things to change by making resolutions, yet, by the first week, they end up in the trash. Things are not any different than they were the year before. In fact, problems have piled up on the table with hardly any solutions. One dilemma that keeps poking out of the pile is the "digital divide." The digital divide is the gap between groups and communities that can effectively use the newest technological information and gadgets, and those who cannot. There has always existed a divide among people. Moore commonly it is between blacks and whites, women and men, or rich and poor. During the slavery era, the white masters forbade the slaves to gain knowledge of how to read and write (Gates 499).

Without the ability to read and write, the hellish lifestyle entrapped them, which were created by the white masters.

Living in the 21st century, segregation still exists, only this time, in a new form"”cybersegregation. Cybersegregation does not just happen between blacks and whites, but to all forms of communities. In the fall of 2000, the U.S. Department of Commerce found that 51% of all U.S. homes had a computer (Digital Divide Network). How can a country plan to grow and succeed when they have half the population not having the necessities in the tech-savvy world? The Internet disenfranchises a person if he or she does not even have access to log on.

Their choices will be restricted, and they're going to pay a little bit more For things and they'll have fewer options. {"¦} and it's not going to be one of these things where you...