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Health means more than an absence of disease it's a state of complete physical,

mental and social well-being , health is a vital issue for human ,there for its protection

and promotion must be considered in their widest sense because it depends on the

continued availability of environment resources and on the completion of environment .In

recent years , environmental problems have acquired new dimensions .Unless the protection of human health we will die out in addition of losing our

world, the maintenance and improvement of health should be at the centre of concern

about the environment and development .

In fact, the most immediate problems in the world are ill health and premature

death caused by pollution or biological agents in the environment's resources for example

water, air, soil, and food.

Starting from the old life food was the most essential element for humans

persistence and survive " useful food means strong body and healthy"

Health also depends on whether people can obtain food.

Over million people lack

the income or land to meet such basic needs. Hundreds of millions suffer from

under nutrition .

The problem is most acute in the developing countries where :

-four million infants or children die every year from diarrhea diseases, largely as a

result of contaminated food;

-over a million people die from malaria each year and 267 million are infected;

-hundreds of millions suffer from dangerous diseases

The out put of the world's food- producing systems has greatly increased over the

past few decades .As yet there is no global shortage of food or the capacity to produce it

in the world , but for a large part of food the world's population under nutrition and the

infections associated with it will remain the main cause of ill and premature death...