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The basic summary of the first chapter in An invitation to health describes different aspect of health. It describes mental, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social intellectual and environmental health. It describes how each can affect us in good or in bad ways. The chapter also describes other health problems we encounter. Like the gap in health care coverage that basically is because of the gap between rich and poor. The chapter teaches ways that we can make us aware of health hazards around us and that we put ourselves in, and what kind of actions we can take to prevent them from influencing us.

All the different types of health put together make up our well being. We can feel healthy, look healthy and act healthy, even though we might not be totally healthy. If we are low in confidence for example and undergo a lot of stress our emotional health is low although our physical health could be good.

One health problem concurs with another. If we aren't environmentally healthy it can affect our social and physical health by not letting us do our basic daily routines that correspond with out healthy behaviors like running out side and talking to friends. It can also make people sick.

Average American health has gone up in the past hundred years greatly. Due to the vast technological advances now available in the open market. The life expectancy went up from 47.9 (man) to 76.9 years. Goals were set by special organization to help health problems this program is called health people 2010 which is a sequel to healthy people 2000 that greatly changed health around the world. This program will shorten the minority health gap.

The chapter emphasizes changing behavior toward health and tries to explain different ways to do so. It...