A Healthier Florida With Amendment 6.

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A Healthier Florida With Amendment 6

It has been a well known fact for over the past thirty years that cigarette smoke is not only harmful to the health of the smoker but also is harmful to the non-smoker, or passive smoker, that is breathing in the second hand smoke. This second hand smoke is just as deadly and filled with carcinogens as the mainstream smoke inhaled by the primary smoker. Also to the majority of non-smokers, the smell of cigarette smoke is an annoyance and can deter their going to certain establishments that have a smoke filled environment. For some of these reasons the greater majority of the citizens of Florida have chosen to place an amendment on the state constitution to prohibit smoking in public establishments, such as restaurants and workplaces. As a result of the 70.8% of Florida's voting population supporting Amendment 6 on their November ballot non-smoking Floridians will now have the opportunity of living a healthier lifestyle without having to breathe second hand smoke in many everyday environments.

Amendment 6 on Florida's November ballot was put on the ballot by the people of Florida by using an initiative. This initiative was started by an Orlando based organization called Smoke-Free for Health. This group started rallies in six large Florida cities to collect 650,000 signatures to support their plan for a smoke-free Florida. These 650,000 signatures were 161,278 more than were needed to get the amendment on this November's ballot . This Amendment would prohibit smoking in restaurants and workplaces. The exceptions to these places are stand alone bars, outside eating areas, home businesses, and designated hotel guest rooms. By enactment of this amendment Florida has become one of the strictest states pertaining to anti-smoking legislation. However this has not come without strong opposition.

Opposition towards...