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Project task

BI Norwegian Business School

- Heartroom AS-

Examination code, course name:

ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Date of submission: Semester start



Examination location:

BI Oslo

The purpose of this project is to see if there are opportunities for our innovation project, Heartroom, to enter the building segment student housing. There are many strategic challenges to fulfill to get the students to stay in a container, and many challenges around the product. In addition, it is important to reflect over the leadership of a newly founded business innovation, and how the company should assign the right expertise and capacity to survive in the industry. Another critical factor was how Heartroom should position ourselves in a market that is considered conservative and consisting of major companies.

I want to examine managing innovation, internal and external factors that are for the establishment of Heartroom AS.

Given these factors, I have chosen to investigate the following problem:

How can Heartroom establish within the segment student apartment?

Contact and business address:

The address of Oslo and its name is Heartroom AS.

Question of the company can be addressed to the Managing Director on espen@heartroom.no or by phone:

+47 908 33 650


Heartroom enters an industry characterized by strong and conservative competition from established companies. Therefore, it is essential that I gain the information needed to know about the market through qualitative and quantitative research.

The overall purpose of this study was to identify and learn more about the market for Heartroom, as well as the potential end-user preferences when it relates to student apartments. The survey will identify the market's willingness and ability to accept the offer, which support the issue around establishment in the task.

The use of secondary data alone will not be enough...