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As advanced as our society may claim to be regarding our values, morals, and mentality, the fact still remains that 200 years after slavery was abolished, and the racist wall was knocked down we are still fighting the same wars. You can see it, everyday, in the movies, in the commercials, in the advertisements, in the schools. See the thing is, as society, we haven't taken racism out of circulation, we have merely suppressed the feelings that a person of colour, is not the equal. How many advertisements feature a person of ethnic background promoting their product? How many times will you see an African American in a movie that is portrayed as anything but a gangster, or criminal? The answer is, rarely ever. This is where you can see hegemony playing its ever so important role in society. The dominate class exercising its power over the cultural, economic and political leadership to maintain the direction of a nation.

The tool that is used today to promote the opinions and the idealisms of our leaders is the television. It is so powerful that every sector of the nation has taken a piece of this communicating pie and used it to the best of their advantages. Now, this goes on with little criticism or protest most of the time, until there comes a time when a large corporation places an advertisement, and someone somewhere feels that they have over stepped their boundaries and hegemony stares its ugly little eye at that company and society as a whole.

That is exactly what happened with Pepsi. In the 1970's, Pepsi developed a marketing strategy that was to target the younger generations through repeated exposure to the product while tapping into the interests of the generation. The straggly was known as "The Pepsi Generation"...