The Heist (The Department Store).

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The Heist

The Department Store

It was a weekend in May when I saw the offer, in the brightly lit store window, on the cold, damp Saturday night. The next day I went to look at the store to plan my move. As I entered through the security sensors the video player aisle on the left, was long, with televisions at the end of which I made careful note. On the right was the customer service desk and a young lady, beyond that I saw the tinted grey windows and a red sign above the doorway saying 'Show Room'. My next move was to see what the best products on offer were. There was a very expensive Sony DVD player which was black with neon blue buttons and dials with a blue liquid crystal display screen. Also a huge Bang and Olufsen plasma screen television. Around the sides were Wharfdale surround sound speakers which made a delightful sound.

As I left and again joined the centre aisle I went past the video players and found myself in the stereo aisle where there was a store worker. I decided to come back to that aisle after looking further a field. Next came the laptop and desktop computer section which looked like a good pick for the raid that night. After walking down the aisle I saw the store worker walk through a door into the store room at the end of the aisle. I went inconspicuously up to the door, looked at the digital door lock and memorised the name of the lock. I then walked past the televisions having a good look at the ones that would make an easy pick for the night and I left the store.

A short description of myself

I, being six foot one, with...