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HELL One day as I was sitting around watching the Bucaneers and Titans battle it out for a win, the door bell rang and it was Scott. Since there was nothing going on he wanted to show me that life on earth isn't as bad as what people in hell have to go through. So being the great friend that he is he decided to take me there to show me what really went on in the underworld so I could take my mind off of some problems here on earth.

So as we ventured our way down into the underworld we saw many unusual things and some were disturbing and others were brutal. There were many people from every race in hell. They were put through many different torture regiments and different tests so that the devil, as we know as pain, could watch as he inflicted himself into peoples bodies, and see them suffer.

We wanted to almost put ourselves in those peoples bodies for a day and find out what it was like.

As we checked into hell they received a number. There was three different numbers, one, two, and three. When you received your number you were stripped and beaten, and then sent to one of the three different areas in hell depending on which number you received.

The first place, was in the desert of hell. The heat was tremendous and there were raging fires everywhere with 3,000 degree heat. The people in this area just stood there and burned slowly basically melting their flesh and bones off of them. Everyday they had to go through this and it was disturbing to me to watch this happen to these people, but we had to move on.

We took off to find this second place in hell where the two's were sent to receive pain. We found them in an icy, cold, beyond freezing environment. It was so cold here that your skin would blister. They sat there motionless and endeavored they intense cold, and would freeze to death. Everyday the devil would come and inflict himself on these people and they'd go through the same thing. The torture of this was terrible and I couldn't imagine what the third place in hell could possibly be, but I knew it would be the worst of all.

Once again we left to find the last place in hell where the devil went to work. We walked for hours trying to find this place, and as we were just about to give up we found ourselves standing in rivers of tears. We could only begin to imagine what this place could be. In the tests before tears didn't run because they either evaporated or froze. We could tell that this was the worst torture of them all. This place was dark and everywhere we looked all we could see was people mourning and suffering, but there was no external pain being inflicted on these people. The pain was internal, the pain was in the hearts. You see the underworld caused everyone to love something so much to the point that that was the only thing they had to live for. Then it was gone, it took that one thing away that they lived for, and then the pain that was inflicted was more than I could stand. To love something that much and have to watch it leave killed me inside. I know that we go through this here on earth too, but we all pray that it only happens once because of all the scars it leaves behind is almost unbearable. Having to really go through this in reality is 1,000 times worse than having to stand 3,000 degree heat or beyond freezing temperatures, because it leaves pain on the inside that no one can runaway from. You wish she was here now, but she's gone and life goes on and doesn't look back.

We left hell and knew that life on earth is good but it's also short. I pray that you go to heaven but if the worst comes and you go to the underworld, pray that you don't receive the number three. Scott showed me that life goes on and you can't look back just make the best of the future. So enjoy the time you have now and and do your best to stay out of hell.

BY: Dirty dawg