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Help Please

In the wee minutes that circulate the clocks overlooking classrooms from a bird's eye view, high school students all over Hunterdon Central cringe in defeat. Stomachs are meant to be filled with an everlasting supply of energy, but Monday through Friday, as the clock nears 10:29, stomachs are anything but filled. The echoes of thunder that erupt from student's shrunken stomachs can only be cured with homemade, grandma cooking, the type that makes kids actually excited to visit their grandparents. When that second hand finally lunges towards the most northern part of the clock and the screeching bell halts all pencils, it takes every last ounce of energy to stand up, push in that chair, and sprint down the hall to be submerged in a fantastic array of food heaven. Then the student stops his fanatic sprint once he reaches the front of the cafeteria and projects a Beowulf like sigh, saying, "Oh wait.

I forgot. This is Hunterdon Central.

Kid's smiles quickly turn to frowns as they saunter down the aisle of assorted sandwiches, pizzas, and macaroni with pain and sorrow. A quick glance at a labeled, "Plain Pizza" brings into mind anything but plain. In fact, it should say, "Unorthodox Pizza". The charcoal black crust embodies the soup of grease that forms a layer of crisp on top of the cheese that makes hair stand up and makes student's hurl up their breakfast cereal. The lunch lady scooping up chunks of macaroni that touchdown onto kid's plates smirk with delight, as the noodles stick together like a ball as the cheese runs of the sides creating a plate of both cheese and uncooked noodles. The most popular item on the menu is the Scooby Snacks because in all honesty one cannot even imagine...