High Level Recruitment and Selection Plan

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Without following a proper recruitment and selection procedure in any organization it is impossible to achieve the company goals and objectives. It is the duty of HR department in every organization either small or large they must have to follow the procedures of recruitment and selection, which is defined, by HR department.

ScenarioThings really were too good to be true. You had your eye on the best quality assurance (QA) engineer in the country, and her spouse put his foot down…there was no way he was going north….So she stayed south. Your mine is in pre-production madness and you don't have a head of QA. You are in trouble, or are you?She got chose from a pile of 12 detailed resumes, on the basis of her experience…but you still have 11 0ther resumes. Is there something you can do to find the "diamond in the rough" who will be able to do a great job for you? You are getting ready for a meeting with the CEO to give her your ideas on how to deal with this potential disaster.

You know she has a very busy schedule and can only give you half an hour of her time. So you must give your five best ideas on how to make this work…and back them up with the research.

Analysis of the ScenarioAs per the above given scenario you can select a prefect employee and save time of your CEO by Selection by Screening, Employment tests, Selection interviews , Verification of references, supervisory interviews or Using Past Unsuccessful Applicantsa) Selection by ScreeningYou can advice the CEO to go through a quick screening process so that from the piles of resumes the best applicant can be selected. The deciding on minimum standards meant for the post, and communicating...