"High School" First person perspective of how it felt throughout high school

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Going into high school, I was ready for four difficult transition years into life. Little did I know that at the end of my second year, I would make the decision to graduate one year early. When I first learned of this plan, all I knew was that it would be the most difficult challenge I've ever faced. Yet, the confusion became determination, and this challenge became the biggest turning point of my life.

After taking my last SAT II at the end of my sophomore year I was counting down the days till summer vacation. I had no idea that when I came home after the test my mom would ask me if I wanted to graduate a year early because we were likely to move. I laughed thinking she was joking, but she wasn't. Seeing this, my reaction was of complete refusal because she was asking me to work even harder next year with a completely full schedule of classes.

However, I later realized that though this would be tough, it would be a great achievement. The benefits were clear; a year less of high school giving me a head start on real life, not spending my senior year at a new school, and getting more prepared for the even more rigorous college schedule I'd eventually have. I agreed, but only when the year was a quarter of the way through did I realize just how great an experience this was.

My thoughts coming in on the first day of my senior year was that I would have to revamp myself completely to succeed, but I didn't know how. Luckily, my first change was evident from that night's homework. All schoolwork became a process done quickly, efficiently, and without distraction. Even when the real "loads" of work came...