"Hills Like Whie Elephants"

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Nanikki Lopez

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19 September 2014

"Hills Like White Elephants"

Ernest Hemingway brings readers a short story of a couple having what appears to be a casual conversation while sharing drinks at a train station. "Hills Like White Elephants" is an intriguing example of today's couples. Constantly talking, but never saying the truth of the heart. The setting vividly described as a Spanish countryside. Hills across being long and white, yet no trees for shade on the side with the station.

At first glance the reader can assume that the two main characters, the American and his girlfriend, are enjoying a few drinks while awaiting their train. However, as the story progresses the true subject of their discussion reveals itself in a true Hemingway style. Hemingway is known for never outright stating his plots or themes. He tends to enjoy having his readers sift through his dialogue and text to find their own meanings of it all.

"It's really an awfully simple operation, Jig". This is the first indication that their conversation is much more serious than it appeared. The American is trying to convince his girlfriend that getting an abortion is truly no big deal. Continuously saying to her things like "I know you wouldn't mind it" and "I'll go with you and I'll stay with you all the time. They just let the air in and then it's all perfectly natural". She is obviously very uncomfortable about the subject as she looks at the ground the table legs rest on and says nothing in return to him.

The conversation had started out so casual with a sly comment the girl made about the hills looking like white elephants. Readers come to understand though it was only a metaphor,