Hiring Proposal for Legal Receptionist

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Running Head: Hiring Proposal for Legal Receptionist

Hiring Proposal for Legal Receptionist

Casey Rhodes - Mod 8

MGT 440 - Human Resources Development & Management

Colorado State University - Global Campus

Danny Manning

May 4, 2014

Legal Receptionist

Novitex Enterprise Solutions (NES) is looking to hire a Legal Receptionist for a client at one of their law offices. The receptionist is a key position within the site services solution. The receptionist is the first, and often the last, person a client's customer sees and interacts with. Additionally, when calls are made to the office, the receptionist is who answers and interacts with the caller. It is important for the receptionist to be engaging, personable, professional and organized. Additional skills the receptionist must possess are organization, spelling, filing and numerical awareness.

In assessing the criteria necessary for this position, an analysis was conducted to determine the functions of the position. The subject matter expert (SME) interviewed was the Director of Administration for the law firm.

The master agreement between NES and the law firm was also evaluated to determine, or support, the position criteria. The items highlighted in yellow will be incorporated into the job description.

Please refer to Exhibit B for the flow of this proposal. The steps necessary to select the correct candidate to fill the role.


The analysis continued as we broke down the skills needed to perform the critical functions of the role. Some skills were direct from the SME based on her expectations and past employees. The remainder was listed upon a discussion with an NES human resource generalist, and input form the site manager of services. The items highlighted in yellow will be used to create an assessment of the candidates and the questions to use during initial interviews.

Based on the above criteria,