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By Erini Yemenitzis 10c

1. a) Describe the most important points of the twenty-five point programme. (5marks)

The most important points of the twenty-five point programme were; the abolition of the Treaty of Versailles, the union of Germany and Austria, the fact that only 'true' Germans were allowed to live in Germany but Jews in particular were to be excluded. Also, large industries and businesses were to be nationalised, and there was to be generous provision for old age pensioners. In addition, they wanted a strong central government in Germany with unrestricted authority.

b) Why was Hitler popular with some people in the period 1919-1923? (7marks)

1919-1923 Many Germans were disillusioned after the defeat in the First World War. Ex-soldiers felt that they had been 'Stabbed in the back' and felt that they had not been defeated on the battlefield. Many of them joined Right Wing groups such as the Freikorps or the Nazi party.

The Spartacist rising, amongst others, led to many people fearing a Communist revolution in Germany. People looked to right Wing groups to act against this: the Freikorps in particular. Economic hardship was coupled with humiliation as a result of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Right Wing groups gained popularity by saying that they would not adhere to its terms. In addition, the party wore military uniforms that demonstrated strength at a time when the government was weak. The use of force against communists was popular with businesses.

However there was only one person you that actually gained the attention of people, Adolf Hitler. In the autumn of 1919, Hitler attended meetings of a nationalist group, German Workers' of the German Workers' Party, and later joined, this party was led by Anton Drexler; he appointed Hitler head of propaganda and...