What History Means to Me?

Essay by Dhrupad July 2006

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I think history is a really interesting subject and I enjoy learning it. I have been taking history since junior high so history is part of my live. None of my history teachers have taught the course thoroughly because all they teach is the general information. I thought history was all about facts, but now I think differently thanks to Mrs. Lopez. Now that I am taking Chicano/a history I learned that history is the procedure known as the historical method, used to discover, organize, and interpret the available information.

Historians must obtain information by sifting through surviving human made objects known as artifacts. Most of the people that I know don't like history because they think is boring, these people are not observing the knowledge that is available for them. History is not my strongest subject, but I will try my best to get the highest grade in every class I take now and in the future.

Since my major is related to math I don't have to take a lot of history classes according to the graduation and cal state university requirements.

James F. Wickens stated that: "Any story about human experience that tries to exclude fable and error in the interest of truth has a claim to the name of history". History is the greatest way of knowing where each human race comes from and how it started. For example, this Chicano/a history class that Mrs. Lopez teach is very interesting because I'm learning how and where my race came from and I'm also identifying myself. Moreover, Mrs. Lopez is doing an excellent job on teaching the course and making us understand how we are all Chicanos one way or another.

History is equal to perception and a perception is what humans think of other people. Ethno-centric...