A history of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, as of March 2003 (10 page research paper)

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Every day in the American justice system, prosecuting and defense attorneys preach their case to a judge and jury, hoping to win their support. Both attorneys tell their stories and back them up with witnesses and facts. The judge and jury, after hearing both sides, can fairly make a decision. It wouldn't be fair if one attorney got to plead his client's case and the other didn't, would it? Because to make a fair decision, you must be informed about both sides. This holds true for the American people, as well. With many serious issues developing and swirling about the world, we need to be informed of them in an unbiased manner. One very important issue is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The American media reports the Palestinian side of the conflict much less frequently than the Israeli, causing much confusion and ignorance amongst the American people. If the American people knew more about certain issues in the conflict, their opinions would be more equitable.

The best place to start telling a story is at the beginning, and this conflict pretty much begins with the creation of Israel in 1948. Now Israel wasn't just created in a vacant land waiting to be claimed; it was created in the land of Palestine. Palestine, or as it had been called in ancient times, Canaan, was a rich country in between three major continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. The three major monotheistic religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, all have ties to Jerusalem, which is a major city. The Muslim Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are well known in the Jerusalem skyline for the Dome of the Rock's glittery golden dome, where Muslims believe the Prophet Mohamed ascended to heaven. Christians, who believe in Jesus, hold sacred the...