Hitlers Rise

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The Rise to Power

Table of Contents

- Introduction

- Statements of Findings

- Solid Foundations

- Hitler the Politician

- A Failed Attempt

- Path through the People

- Consolidation of Power

- Hitler as Führer

- Conclusion

- Attachments/Sources

- Hitler DAP Membership

- Hitler Youth Rally

- The Nazi Party

- Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler

- Bibliography

- Introduction

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn on the Austrian-German border. In 1914, when World War I started, Hitler enlisted in the German army, where he was wounded and decorated as a war hero. He was proud of himself and of his self-sacrifice. He was blinded in a British mustard gas attack and was sent to a hospital to recover. During his recuperation was the time when Germany surrendered to the Allies. Hitler was devastated because his suffering and bravery had meant nothing to the war.

"Everything went black before my eyes; I tottered and groped my way back to the ward, threw myself on my bunk, and dug my burning head into my blanket and pillow. So it had all been in vain."(Adolf Hitler)

- Statements of Findings

- Solid Foundations

Following World War I, Germany faced many troubles and were harshly treated through the many humiliations imposed by the Allied powers, many of which were included 'The Treaty of Versailles'. As well as being blamed for causing a war, Germany was forced to pay reparations to the Allied countries for the casualties and the destruction dealt to countries such as Belgium and France. Overall, the war debt cost over 6.6 billion pounds, something that Germany could ill afford. In addition, this nation suffered territorial losses and was economically shattered with most of its natural resources given to...