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HIVHIV stands for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus. It is the name of the virus that causes AIDS. Viruses are the smallest and simplest living organisms. They are so small that they cannot be seen under a light microscope. One requires an electron microscope to see them. HIV causes reduction of body's capability to fight against various infections in human body. It makes the body weak and sick.

AIDSThe word AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a medical diagnosis for a combination of symptoms, which results from a breakdown of the immune system. 'A' stands for acquired which means that it is obtained or received by a person and is something, which is not genetically inherited. 'ID' stands for Immuno Deficiency which means there is deficiency in the immune system or that the immune system is weakened. 'S' stands for syndrome that stands to emphasize that AIDS is not just one disease or symptom but presents as a group of diseases or symptoms.

MAGNITUDE OF THE DISEASE IN INDIAAs per the NACO report in India there are approximately5.7mn people living with HIV/AIDS and about 3,00,000 people who are not aware of them being infected by AIDS OR HIV. 1.2 % of the adult population 15-49 years overall 610,000 new infections in 2002the highest number of aids infectants are found in Andhra Pradesh followed by Goa Karnataka and MaharashtraCAUSES OF AIDSPROXIMATE MEDICAL CAUSES:1) Sex with multiple partners2) Infected needles3) Contaminated blood4) Pregnant mother-to-child.

DISTAL SOCIO POLITIXAL ENABLING CONDITIONS1)power inequities in terms of low education, employment skills, purchasing power (to buy condoms, antibiotics and ARV meds)2)gender hierarchies that prevent women from refusing sex3)limited job opportunities4)A stigmatization-prone culture5)Health education interventions (e.g. CDs, videos, music, house visits, counseling, media campaigns) alone are inadequate:6)Address distal conditions (e.g. lack of employment, poor agric prospects, poor...