Hobsons Choice

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Maggie can be described as a: " A women of specific qualities." What aspects of the play verify this statement?

In this play Hobson's Choice we have to discuss Maggie character and the ways in which she develops through the play. She has a huge impact on her Husband Willie, on her father Hobson and on her two sisters Vicky and Alice.

Hobson owns a shoe shop in Manchester; his three daughters who do not get wages for their long hours run the shop. Maggie keeps the efficiency in her fathers shop because when a customer comes into Hobson's (her fathers shop) she makes them buy something. "Maggie, we know you're a pushing sales women." She always makes someone buy something, like when Albert Prosser came into the shop to see Alice, Maggie made him buy a pair of laces and she criticized his shoe and said he need new ones as he was a high class man in society.

Maggie respected her father and sisters, even though she knew her father was outrageous sometimes, like once when he came in drunk from the Moonraker's pub and he said he wanted husbands for Alice and Vicky but not for Maggie. He says to her you are an old maid on the shelf at the age of thirty you are way past the marrying age. "You're past the marrying age. You're a proper old maid Maggie, if ever there was one." Hobson shows his domination by saying this to Maggie he also says to Vicky and Alice I will chose husbands for you (here he means high class people but not lawyer because he hates lawyers). He is a lazy idiot because all he does all day is go down to the pub, get drunk and comes...