where is home?

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Khalil Doheny

Professor Watts

English 1

Section 1818

11 December 2013

Where is home?

When I came into this world I was guaranteed of having to cities that I can call home; I have Los Angeles, California and I have Tyre, Lebanon. My parents were both born and raised in Lebanon. When my dad came to the states, he thought about his family before he even had one, my dad thought in order to provide for a family he needed a college education. My dad studied computer technician at Oklahoma University. After my dad graduated he went back to Lebanon in hopes of getting married. His mission was a success; my dad married my mom and moved to Los Angeles, California. They both knew that life would be better in LA to raise a family than in Lebanon. After all, the USA is the land of the free.

Tyre and Los Angeles have their share of differences and they're also similar in some aspects.

In Tyre, Lebanon, the common language is Arabic. Ever since I was a baby my parents would speak to me nothing but Arabic, and by the age of three I was put in an Arabic school where I was taught how to speak and write the language. The language was really hard to read because Arabic is written from right to left, and English is written from left to right, which would always confuse me. There are twenty-eight different letters in the Arabic alphabet and ten of the letters don't exist in the English alphabet. Even though English is the primary language there are dozens of different spoken languages in the United States of America. My mother took me out of Arabic school after the first grade, and put me into a public...