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1. Introduction:

In Australia, the homelessness is not a phenomenon that we see it every day on the street; it is an alarming issue for the whole community. Research shows that there are over 8% or more increase on the population of homelessness. It shows that the population is increased from 90,000 to 105,000 people who is currently are homeless. There is no one true definition for the homelessness, which is agreed by the world. On a basic level of homelessness, it means that a person is in a condition of having no home. But is 'Home', it is something that is more than a shelter, it means safe, secure and connected to us and to the people around us.

As one of the issue in the Australia, homelessness is not well known as others, it is because the data sometimes are not realistic compare to the true situation.

For example, in a study, 4300 homeless people in the Eastern Australia in 2007 found that 92% of them had moved from one temporary accommodation to another. Also it is difficult to identify people who live in a caravan parks as homeless just because 80% of them are either on holiday or have owned a caravan. Those problems are often causing fake data to the Homelessness Act. There is two ways for people to counting the homeless population. The first is census count, which gives the number of homeless people on a given night. The second method is the number of people who become homeless over a year; this is called the annual report.

2. What is homeless

2.1 definition

The SAAP definition of homelessness is in the SAAP Act, which mandates the funding and operation of the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program. People who...