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Zhihang Chen stage 2B 11/9/14

Homelessness speech

Good morning everyone, I am Zhihang Chen, a United Youth Australia member, who is here to talk to you all about an urgent issue, which is growing in the dark corner. Have you been to the street where there are many people sleeping on the bench or under the bridge? When we are shopping or jogging, we only see what we want to see, roads or shops, we choose to ignore the homelessness people who are lying on the bench or shivering in the cold. One in 200 Australian is facing homelessness crisis and most of them will never find a house to live again. This sad fact comes from the homelessness in Australia statistics in 2012. So what is like to be homelessness? Homelessness is not some one whom gets drunk and sleeps outside the bar. Homelessness is when your job is gone, you cannot afford your modern beautiful house and feed your family with all your income but you have nothing to eat for whole day.

This is homelessness. My topic for today is calling every one of you to take action for homelessness and having a general understanding about it.

The general definition for the homelessness comes from the SAAP act, in the act, homelessness is define as follows: do not have a safe and secure house, no tenure and where they live can not allow them to control or access enough space for social relationship. From those definitions, imaging the life where homelessness is living in. living in a house where any one can break in or get kick out of their bad in the middle of the night. But that is not the worst; most people who are homelessness cannot have stable relation with others, which means they...