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Hamp Robertson

Paula Spear

English 4

February 26, 2014


There are many names a person could give for homeschooling, but one of the more precise names for it would be family schooling. This unique form of education is a great way for families to become closer and to create a better education for children. When homeschooling is done correctly, the whole family is able to learn together. Because of that reason, parents do not have to know all about what they are going to teach their children, because the family works together to learn and study information. A person does not have to be brilliant, have graduated from college with a teaching degree, or have been a professional teacher to be able to homeschool children. A large amount of people think they are not capable of homeschooling because they do not believe they have what it takes to homeschool, or have the qualities homeschoolers possess.

The truth is that anyone can homeschool children. To be persistent, determined, and patient are great ways to start off teaching a child at home. Homeschooling is an excellent way to allow children a full one-on-one education, and to get ahead academically.

Recent studies show that the majority of homeschoolers have higher GPA's than of those who attend high school. Schooling at home offers the superlative education workshop. Because a child is being taught at home, that child is free of the rules obligated to follow when attending school, but at the same time does not give children free roam to do as they please. Rules are put in place in homeschool just as they are in regular school. In the homeschooling business, each homeschooling house is different. There are many varieties of homeschool teaching techniques and no technique is the same. Because every...