Homework too time consuming ans stressful

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When I get assigned a heavy load of homework, it makes me stress out. I talk to my parents about my situation and their response is to try my best and do what is necessary so I can go to college. Their parents never gave them the opportunity to continue their education. They are very proud of me and what I already have accomplished. they believe I can do this. This talk with my parents helps my self-esteem to rise and continue doing my homework with my best effort put into it.

Last year, Junior year, my chemistry teacher would assign us homework problems to complete at home. He would go over one or two problems, when each problem in the textbook had a unique way of being solved. When the time came to do my homework, I would get stuck on mostly all the problems because he didn't really go over the methods of solving those homework problems.

This would leave me to get a low score on my homework assignments. Then the next day he would only go over four problems when the entire class needed help on more than half of the homework. It made a lot of us students upset because our chemistry teacher's response was why we never came in for help. Well, when I came after school for help, he usually had a line of seven or eight people needing help and it took a good ten to fifteen minutes to wait for him. Who has the time to wait for that long?, when all you needed answered was a simple yes or no question.

It was irritating when I had other homework to deal with. It's bad enough that it takes me a long time to complete an assignment because...