Homosexual Marriages: Should they be allowed or Banned

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Homosexual marriages: Should they be allowed or banned

Homosexual marriages are fast becoming a trend of living in this world. What took so many years to come this far seems just yesterday. With the emergence of this trend, a bigger issue has been brought up. A side that favors this new way of life is fighting an uphill battle against a side that is sticking to the conventional lifestyle. The homosexuals argue that their lifestyle is one without boundaries and would lead to a new and better era. However, studies conducted worldwide show that the results prove otherwise. Homosexual couples must not be allowed to marry or adopt children because their lifestyle damages the marriage institution, it increases the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and it is detrimental to the lives of children.

Homosexual couples must not be given the right to marry because this will damage the whole concept of marriage.

Several authentic studies have already pointed this fact to the world and the governing bodies. Peter Sprigg, a senior author for Family Research Council America, in his article 'The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex "Marriage"' says that the system of co-habiting couples in would encourage future couples to take co-habitation over marriage (3-4). Marriage is a sacred institution and people entering the institute normally spend the rest of their lives together with exclusive intimacy. However, according to an article in Washington Times, homosexual relationships on average have a lifespan of 1.5 years (Study). For such small duration, same-sex partners find it more convenient to co-habit rather than get married. Indeed an article in Statistics Netherlands Web Magazine shows that 22% homosexual couples are legally registered (Steenhof). However, this way of life not only suits homosexuals but also poses an alluring prospect for the young generation...