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Professor Van Epps


Gays vs. straights

What is your sexuality? To many people this is a personal, but simple question. To others it's a struggle to answer and face reality. People who are homosexual face discrimination everyday especially in schools. They are judged and made fun of all because they are true to themselves. We should all just get along.

Children and young adults have numerous battles to fight while attending school. Many parents believe that there are only a few risks from school such as drugs, violence, and peer pressure. Nevertheless there is always a battle inside them as well. Many people that are honest with their sexuality and about being gay, struggle on the daily basis because people just don't understand. People are hateful to the unknown or different, especially younger people. Homosexuals are a minority to the extent that they are singles out and treated unfair.

People just are ignorant when it comes to understanding people that are not like them.

Homosexuals are not given equal rights. They are manipulated and punished for having feelings for the same sex. To me there is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian. Why should it matter? We don't have a problem when a man and a woman fall in love. So we should if two men or two women fall in love. People are ill-mannered to this topic.

In conclusion, Gays and straights should have equal rights. They shouldn't be treated different for being true to themselves and being honest. They should be able to love who they want to love and no one should have a problem with it. God loves everybody so we should too.