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Heroes generally have one thing in common; they can be characterized as being loyal, honest, adventurous, brave, and pure. Joseph Campbell's idea of a hero includes four stages. The first stage that a hero goes through is called dependency, which is described as the childhood. The second stage is adulthood. In this stage the hero sets out exploring and discovering his limits and abilities. The third stage is maturity, in which the hero has a good sense of self, and gives back to society. The hero also has a position in leadership. The fourth and final stage is the death or the exit. In this stage the hero leaves a legacy behind, stories, examples, and inspiration. One type of hero is the Romantic/Arthurian hero. Sir Gawain is an example of the Romantic/ Arthurian hero. He also fits into Joseph Campbell's idea of a hero. Sir Gawain as a good sense of himself and is very willing to give back to his community.

Sir Gawain is a hero because he proved that he was honest, brave, and self sacrificing.

Sir Gawain was always honest to himself. Anytime Sir Gawain would receive a compliment he would say that he was not worthy of such praise. Sir Gawain also thought that he was a failure because he took the lady's girdle, because at that time he was not completely honest to the Green Knight. "...and he confessed with a blush of shame how he failed in faith, and the punishment he had received. The girdle, said Gawain, is a token of the blame I bear, for cowardice and untruth. I shall wear it always as a reminder of my fault and my failure" (68). This quote proves that Sir Gawain is honest with himself. If it were anybody else, they would...