Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

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Main Characters

Roy Eberhardt

Roy Eberhardt is the new boy in Florida. He used to live in Montana, which he calls his "home" even though he was born in Detroit. Telling the others he was from Montana was not good, though, because is lead to endless teasing. The main bully, Dana Matherson, picked on him mercilessly, calling him names like "cowgirl" and "Tex". Roy, an experienced "new kid", wouldn't have thought this so bad if he could have been spared being strangled and slammed into the bus window. The bus driver didn't even notice.

Roy is a very sensible and wise kid, about twelve years old. He has his pride, and is led to do stupid things because of it. He tends to be rather smart-mouthed and gets into trouble. He is brave and tends to have at least a bit of humor, even the worst cases. He has wonderful survival skills, thought not as good as Mullet Fingers, who he meets a bit later into the story.

He can get very determined, and when he is, he can do things that he would have never done otherwise. He sticks up for what he believes in and is quite the detective.

Beatrice Leep

Beatrice Leep is the step sister of Mullet Fingers. She is taller than Roy and though it doesn't say, I think she's older than him, too. She's on the soccer team, and in the beginning of the book, she taunts Roy because he's about to find out the secret about her brother, which is supposed to stay highly secret. Beatrice is protective of her brother, and loves him so much. Her family is basically falling apart. Her step-brother ran away because he mother doesn't want him, her mother and father gets in fights, and Beatrice is growing...