Hotel Global Distribution Trends

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The global distribution system channel will continue to grow and change in an attempt to keep up with the changes in technology. The changes in computer systems are growing so rapidly that it may become difficult many smaller travel businesses to remain in the race. The future will hold more user-friendly technology in order to make the booking process simple, fact, effective and accurate. Voice communication, mapping capabilities, CD-Rom technology and virtual tours will become the norm.

Many hotels such as Best Western already have virtual room and hotel tours available on their websites. I imagine the future will be a place where anyone can easily book his or her hotel, car and attractions quickly and efficiently. It is my belief that any vendor with the money to remain on the cutting edge of technology will likely be involved. For example, Sabre has recently developed its own Sabre Integration Technology (SIT), and they claim it is the answer to all third party integration needs.

SIT is staffed with skilled technical consultants who provide fee-based support to assist travel agency customers with their third party hardware and software integration needs including LAN troubleshooting, Internet connectivity, faxing, custom Sabre Frame Relay solutions, advice on printers, and troubleshooting network problems. I believe Worldspan and Apollo will be involved as well as all major Hotel chains and Car rental agencies.