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Report for HTC

Evaluate HTC's performance to date. What are its competitive advantages and vulnerabilities? Bes sure to elaborate on HTC and its competitors' positioning on performance and cost.

Competitive advantages

. Succeeded in creating the world's first pocket-size PC with Microsoft.

. HTC manufactured the first color-screened PDA that run on Microsoft Windows' CE platform that can allow users use Microsoft Office applications, handle e-mail, and other media functions.

. HTC built a partnership with Qualcomm, which made HTC became the first Taiwanese company with 3G license.

. Collaborated with Microsoft help HTC to release the XDA, the first Windows-based smartphone.

. Offering the customized phones for customers to satisfy customers' demand.

. The contracts with British Telecom, Orange, and Vodafone contributed to the increase of HTC's global handset sales.

. HTC's dedication to technology innovation also made the Handspring to help them design and make the Treo smartphone.

. The subsidy was contributed to lower the consumer's purchase price.

. Apple opened the door for HTC, as Apple created legitimacy for all the features associated with touch-screen technology.

. The strong performance of phone brought HTC confidence to pursue its own brand.

. HTC collaborated with the search engine giant to make the world's first handset to run on Android.

. HTC's product was light, with an attractive size, which can fit into the palm of a hand.

. The efficient combination of funders and management team provided the high insight of business management.


. The highly customized phones means highly costs for HTC.

. Apple launched the iPhone at the same time as HTC's smartphone.

. Apple provided more than 40,000 applications, wither for free or 99 cents, with more than one billion downloads, and while HTC only had more than 20,000 applications cost around 10...