Huckleberry Finn: "Huck in all his lonesomeness"

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Written things are not for speech; their form is literary; they are stiff, inflexible, and will not lend themselves to happy and effective delivery with the tongue--where their purpose is to merely entertain, not instruct; they have to be limbered up, broken up, colloquialized and turned into common forms of premeditated talk--otherwise they will bore the house and not entertain it.

- Mark Twain

I hope this paper is both instructive and entertaining, as Mark Twain had put it in this quote. I believe that the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was both entertaining and informative. I want this paper to be like that so it can be read out loud and be able to entertain, and inform the reader of the great lessons learned in the novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, at the same time.

The main point that I want to discuss in my paper is how much lonesomeness was swirling around in the book.

Lonesomeness was every where, in every person, all you have to do is look hard enough for it and you can find it . Lonesomeness is the state of mind that most people go through during many points in their life. They are lonely, confused, and during this state many people think deeply into their thoughts, morals, and actions; others, on the other hand, don't think at all about their actions. An example for each of these sort of lonesomeness people; Huckleberry Finn goes through many deep thoughts as he is alone and discovers many errors in his morals and actions. He has been taught throughout his life that these aren't errors. The Grangerfords and the Sheperdsons are a great example for those ones that don't think much during their lonesomeness. That is why the...