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DRUGS Should drugs be medicalized and legalized or is forced treatment the best approach for treating addicts? Alan Dershowitz, the author of ""The Case for Medicalizing Heroin,"" suggests the most effective solution for addiction is legalization of drugs. Dr. Sally Satel who wrote ""For Addicts, Force is the Best Medicine"" believes the best remedy for treating addicts is to force them into treatment. The solution Dershowitz proposes does not put a stop to addiction, it simply provides a safer way for addicts to get drugs, however, Satel''s solution attempts to put an end to addiction by treating addicts.

Dershowitz states that since we cannot eliminate the usage of drugs or the demand, we should make it legal through a medical process, consequently that would solve other problems which are harbored and raised by addicts. Satel argues that if forced into treatment especially at an early stage, the addicts can solve their problem once and for all.

Instead of helping an addict obtain more drugs, Satel proposes that addicts be sent to treatment and therapy.

Legalization of drugs will eliminate many problems such as stealing, violent crime, suicide, spread of Aids, injury and damage to innocent people. Alan argues that laws do not stop addicts, He states, ""He will get his fix by hook or crook, or by knife or by gun, regardless of the risk."" Since an addict will go through any means to get drugs then it would reduce other crimes by allowing him to go to a hospital. This way he could get the correct dosage from the doctor. Through legalization he will be under control, and will not commit a crime to satisfy his needs for drugs.

Then again, Satel argues that if we take control of addicts, either by law or through a medical process, then we can get to the root of the problem. Addicts will be treated through counseling, jail time, and the necessary medical care. Once that addict gets treated through the correct process then he will no longer remain an addict. Thus, he would not need drugs; this would stop the crimes, spread of aids, suicidal rates, and the violence which was once caused by that very addict.

The two authors Sally Satel and Alan Dershowitz offered solutions to the problem on drugs. Satel basically got to the core of the problem and her solution, if successful, would end the problem with addicts and drugs permanently. On the other hand Dershowitz pointed to the problems addicts have caused and his solutions are directed to solving the problems which are raised by addicts. In conclusion, it is clear both authors offered good solutions to drug addicts. They both supported there claims however Sally Satel''s solution came across as the more effective because it gets to the basis of the problem and it attempts to solve it.