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Scientists are either very close at being able to clone human beings or scientists have already done it. Human cloning has already become illegal or restricted in a variety of degrees in several countries. The film the island shows how the science can go terribly wrong.

Human life should be left to nature for several reasons. First, they make clones for their satisfaction and for commercial purposes. Human organ transplants are used from clones and might increase in the market. Also, when we start cloning, people will make a large amount of certain types of human cloning. They make clones for their health. They will just make it and soon kill it. This may not happen. In this film, clones believe they can go to the island, but it means they will die. For example, clone of Michael Jordon says "no, I don't want to die." We can see that they don't treat the clones like human.

Second, the clients pay lots of money and get internal organs for their health from the clones. They are really expansive when you want to make clones. I think we don't need to make clones by paying lots of money. Human life is worth more than money. I think human clones can't assess the value of money, because they are same as human.

Last, clones are human too. They are not just products. They can have feeling like human do. They have dignity, so we have to respect them. In this film, the people brainwash the minds of the clones. They are repeatedly told "You're special, you have a very special purpose in life", but the clones just work and wear only white clothes. It's unfair, because they are human too, but they are prisoned in a limited place.

For these reasons,