Human Cloning

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Human Cloning: Should it be cloned? Year after year cloning become one of the top discussions around the world. Different reactions and opinions toward cloning are argued between the pros and cons. This issue has not become hot again until the succession of Dolly, a cloned sheep that was cloned by using adult mammal somatic cell. Actually, what is human cloning? Why do they clone? What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloning? Human cloning is the used of DNA of the person to produce a perfect or near perfect genetic replica of the original organism, unlike naturally occurring twins, this twins is younger than the original but it carries the same genetic makeup as the original ( The first idea of cloning is because of Adolf Hitler who wants to create a super warrior named Aryan. Since that time scientist think that it would be benefits for the world if they can cloned a human who have valuable traits such as Albert Einstein, De.

Martin Luther King, William Shakespeare, Marie Curie, etc. By clone talented people like them, world can continuously discover many inventions that is useful for the world.

Human cloning brings many advantages either for individual or in society. Create the talented people like I mentioned before is one of the benefit for the society. Other benefit for the society is that we can create a medicine and tested through the animal with human organs, which will result more applicable in human. Clone will also help infertile couple to have children by using their own genetic makeup thus they don't have to adopt baby which was not belong/got from their own cell. Besides that, clone could help parents with heredity illness to have healthy children without the gene traits of disease. This would effect a better...