Human Eats Animals--an Ethical Issue

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Nowadays, humans have different viewpoint about eating animals. Some people protest severely against killing animals to eat. They think humans are Nazis for animals. They carry out propaganda projects such as doing camera about humans' activities in holocaust houses, hunting animals for fun, and making profits through animals. Throughout the film: "Meat" by Wiseman, the audiences can see clearly the exploitation of humans to animals.

Hundreds of beefs were fed and after that were killed. The director tried to focus on the processes of slaughtering, flaying, and sawing animals. We can see at the beginning scene vivid animals that have active lives and at the end they became lifeless meat blocks.

However, we can see social injustice phenomena in this film. For example, the workers had to work in polluted conditions without labor safety regulations. They had to stand above the streams of bloods and wastes. They had to use bare hands to touch the meat, skins, and bowels.

They had to split meats in cold rooms.

Maybe some people will judge the workers as if they were slaughters. Actually, they just do their jobs to make money. They had to do hard and dirty jobs. Most of them were black-head people-the immigrants. They had to do their jobs since they had no choice. Remember that they had to do same work in their eight or maybe more than eight hours. If we do jobs like them maybe we will have nightmare.

Some people argue that humans should not eat animals because everything and every species have rights to exist. I agree with this idea. Then, humans should eat vegetables to exist. But in this case we will violate the rights to exist of trees and plants. Consequently, we cannot eat anything. Therefore, humans will die. As a result, we violate the rights to exist of animals. It seems like we draw a circle and then we just drive around the circle and cannot release from this circle.

I agree that if we kill animals just for fun. Those actions will be crimes. Nevertheless, in order to exist, we need to eat either animals or vegetables. After we die, our bodies will be eaten by the other species. We will become nutrient for the species as same as those of them. It is the circle of life.

In short, after watching the film "Meat", I just focus on the aspect how to struggle for improvement the labor safety conditions for the workers. They are not treated kindly as they should be received. Eating animals or not-it is not right or wrong issue. It depends on our viewpoints. People who can eat with vegetables should keep eating the same way as they choose. The other people who enjoy beefsteaks or hamburgers have not to change their routines. The life will go on. Everything and every species live, struggle for living, get older, and die. Just the universe is eternal. To me, the right thing is that we should not become eaters who eat their fellow-man since if we do like this, we will reach the dead end of our lives. Website the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See