Human resource management in China

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Human Resource Management has been considered as the important part of management in enterprise in the modern society because it influences on the whole member of company. Consequently, it is likely to value to look about Human Resource Management.

This essay is written about Human Resource Management in the People¡¯s Republic of China and South Korea, and it will focus on recruitment and staffing, training and development and performance management. It will be also written as to strengths, weaknesses, unique points and international influences of each country.

The Human Resource Management in China will be explained firstly. It will focus on China-based foreign invested enterprises after economics reforms. This is why Human Resource Management in China is different from those in other countries because of different political and economic systems and cultural backgrounds. The background of Human Resource Management have to discuss prior to the analysis of it.

In the past two decades, furthermore, the way enterprises in China manage their human resources has changed dramatically.

Since the early 1980s, China has launched extensive reforms to move away from the ¡°iron rice - bowl¡± system, with its lifetime - employment model, to a new post - reform outcome, which is indicated as employment contracts and unlimited labour market (Warner 2001; Braun and Warner 2002, p553).

At the same time, China also continuously developed new investment forms for multinational enterprises. New investment forms allow certain ¡°strategic investors¡± with significant investment volume in China to establish holding companies to better co-ordinate their management, and in particular Human Resource Management activities, across their multiple operations (Howson and Li, 1998; Luo, 1998; Kolenda, 1995).

In addition to the environment of Human Resource Management in China, recruitment and selection, the first procedure of Human Resource Management, will be reported.

Before the lastest economic...