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The past four weeks in college really had an impact on me. In a short period of time, I have become more aware of the different aspect of Human Resource management. In the course of human resource management we learn about the development Job analysis and company policy, the functions of a human resources management from Recruiting and selecting employees to evaluations and motivation. We study globalization and affirmative action should be based on the fact that it is giving equal opportunity with equal results.

One concerned human resources management is the successful use of company employees. As human resources manager you will need to attract and hire the best employees possible. Choosing what kind of employees yours company will need, how you will obtain them, ensuring that you select the right person for the job, ensuring that the person that you have choose is capable of doing the work that is expected, measuring employee?s efficiency and maintain or motivating these employees.

Human resource management also engages in the protection of employees. This includes the issue of compensation.

Another concerned of a human resources management are to attract potential employees. Attracting potential employees, you need to be able to choose the best applicants. Furthermore, having hired employees, you will need to train them if you expect them to function effectively. Once our employees are functioning effectively, we need to ensure that they continue to do so; we need to concern ourselves with their motivation. Part of this motivational process involves compensation, deciding how and when to compensate our employees, including decisions about the relationship between the nature of their jobs and level of their compensation. Theories of motivation also point out employees needs for feedback. Therefore, we need to be able to determine when your employees are doing a...