Human Rights Violations in the Republic of China

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“No issue in the relations between China and West in the past decades has inspired so much passion as human rights. Much more is at stake here than moral concerns and hurt national feelings. To many Westerners, the Chinese government appears ultimately untrustworthy on all issues because it is undemocratic. To Beijing, Western human rights pressure seems designed to compromise its legitimacy, and this threat hangs over what might otherwise be considered "normal" disputes on issues like trade and arms sales” [1]Over the years, multiple people and places have reported on the violations of the international human rights law, the major one being the U.S. state department (in the form of the “Annual Peoples Report Of China’s Human Rights” Report) although there is also studies from other groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (commonly abbreviated to HRW). All three have reached the conclusion that china’s government abuses the human rights act defined in that of internationally recognized law.

If china is to cleanse its self of this problematic issue, a sustainable solution must be acquired. A stable, peaceful society is the main goal, and something like that can only be achieved in china if the minorities and other groups are given the power to voice their opinions like that given to them by the right of free speech. Also, minority rights protections must be acquired, so that cultural differences are not shunned or attacked. Once these issues are resolved within the perimeters stated in the human rights law, this issue can be satisfactorily fixed.

Australia’s involvement in the issue is a limited one, due to China’s reluctance to accept help, but Kevin Rudd had this to say in a recent meeting "The current situation in Tibet is of concern to Australians. We recognize the need for...