Human Trafficking

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15 May 2014

Human Trafficking

In America

Anali Alcaraz was only thirteen when she was taken away from her family. The Alcaraz family spent the day at the local mall in Dallas. Anali was only alone for a few minutes but by the time her parents noticed that she was gone it was too already too late. Her mother felt horrible because she had noticed a man staring at Anali earlier. By then she was already in a car on her way to be sold. She could be anywhere in the United States in just a few days. This happens every day, in every state. The trafficking itself is not a main issue alone, but it is what happens after these victims are freed from it. Over the past few years, human trafficking has increased all over the United States because of growing transportation systems, better technology, and immigration.

Evidently, human trafficking is the most devastating and dehumanizing crime and it isn't taken as seriously.

Nevertheless, sex trafficking is immensely degrading and it can permanently affect someone for the rest of his or her life. "Smuggled into brothels in the United States with fake visas or hidden in packing cases, they often have been kidnapped, bought or lured by false employment opportunities. Beaten and raped, some do not survive even the initial brutality. Removed from even the hope of protection by family and friends, locked in airless, dark rooms, starved and beaten, they often are forced to engage in unspeakable sex acts with people whose language they don't understand."(Edwards, 15) Human trafficking is physically and emotionally damaging. Sadly, this is the modern form of slavery. It happens in every country and it increases every year. "But in the...