Are humans good or evil?

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Are humans good or evil?

I believe that humans are born with neither good nor bad in them. As a small child develops, it becomes either more good or evil depending on the society it is raised in and how it is treated. Society forces a person to want to fit into it and, depending on the society, gives the person either more good or more evil. For example, a person exposed to a more violent society would tend to be more violent himself. Even if the person does not want to be violent at first, they will get used to it because of their surroundings. A person raised well with no violence at all would probably be kind.

How a person thinks about what is good and what is evil also depends on the personality and mind structure of the person. The way a person thinks about killing an animal is the first step towards figuring out what kind of mind structure they have.

There are three main different ways a person may feel about killing an animal. Some people feel sorry for animals and think it totally wrong to kill one. Some think it is vital to kill for their own survival, but they are aware of their taking away a soul. Others go hunting for fun, which is not really right because most of the animal is thrown away after it is killed. Other people are just totally careless of animals and kill just for fun. Animals are not humans, though.

The way a person thinks about killing an animal depends on his/her surroundings. Of course most of us think of ourselves as superior to animals, but races within the human species think they are superior over the others. There have been many bloody wars because racism.