Humans Strive For Peace, Justice And Freedom

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People everyday; seek elements that would make the world a better place to live in. Many endeavour to bring an end to injustice, war and the lack of freedom. While many do the opposite in order to further their gain. There are two types of people on this earth those who are altruistic and selfless and those who are selfish and egocentric.

Justice is fought for in order for giving each person his or her fair due as a matter of right. A primary sense of justice is the fairness of a system of laws. Few philosopher, however, believe that the present world encompasses a fully just system. Peace ensures a state of harmony and the absence of hostility. It is applied to depict a termination of or drop in violent conflict; in this context, peace is the opposite of war. Freedom is necessary for individuals to act as they choose fit.

It is also employed in connection with the achievement of independence by a people.

There are various people (many in positions of power) who chose to choose to ignore these virtues and principals in order to benefit themselves. If they are in politics they might attempt to change or influence the judicial system to keep them in power. Similar to what Idi Amin did in his country. If they were influential world leaders they could disturb the peace like George Bush and his hunt for nuclear weapons (oil) in Asia. They could even deny freedom to millions of people under their reign like what the NP did in ours when Dr. H.F. Verwoerd introduced Apartheid. These people would do almost anything for self gain and in doing so destroy entire nations with no pieces to pick up.

Where there is injustice there will be those who try to...