Hunting:Is It Truly Good For The Enviroment

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Hunting is considered one of the nations most strategic sports. Hunters must have outstanding eye and hand coordination and have full operation of his/hers five senses to have a safe and successful hunt. Hunters must be responsible, trustworthy, and honest hunters, and have respect for the environment. There are currently an estimated 6,717 hunters just in the state of Arizona. Do you think hunting is beneficial to the environment? What do you think the environment would look like if hunting were banned just in the state of Arizona? There are both good and bad sides to hunting. Those sides are concerned with the excitement of the sport, the danger involved, and the impact on animals.

Hunting is considered an exhilarating sport, particularly while stalking the prey. The sensation you get while stalking the prey is extremely similar to the adrenaline rush you get when it's your first time skydiving.

When any person is outdoors, enjoying the weather and the sounds of nature, it lets them feel free. When anyone is out in the wilderness with only trees, birds, and other animals, it is like no place or feeling in the world. Nothing could compare to it. It's just remarkable!! After searching for the game you are hunting, and at last killing it, the feeling you get is so intense and overwhelming. You feel pride; you feel like you're on top of the universe; and is a feeling like no other.

Although hunting is an extremely exciting and elating sport, hunting does have its dangers. There are two common dangers associated with hunting. One danger is when hunters mistake other animals as game. The second danger is when hunters accidentally shoot their fellow hunters. While hunting, it is essential that you wear camouflage, so that you blend into your...