Hurricane Katrina.

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Hurricane Katrina will go down as the worst hurricane in history. It was a very devastating event that changed the lives of many people. As you watched on television it was a great catastrophe and many people were left without food and water for four days( Was the government too slow? Was it because they were African Americans? These are questions we will never truly know but I will give you my opinion on the whole Catastrophe.

As the hurricane tore through Louisiana and ruined everything in its path our government just watched in awe. President Bush was on vacation at his ranch in Texas having a great time while a hurricane was destroying Louisiana. The president took off from his vacation and flew over Louisiana on August 30, 2005 and saw the disaster and flew back to Washington ( He called down two days later and said "How are things going".

Is that the kind of question you ask when a hurricane just destroyed thousands of peoples lives. Many of the victims were homeless and starving. On September 2, 2005 he finally sent food and supplies to Louisiana ( I am not a democrat or republican keep this in mind. Many of these people waited around with no food or water for this period. It is amazing how a tsunami can happen in another country and we get food and supplies there in one day. But in our own country it takes four days, there is something wrong with that. Now the fact that Louisiana is one of the poorest states that is populated with mostly African Americans really does not matter. What matters is how long it took for the president to send supplies down there. I do not think president Bush hates black people I think...