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Fannie Sandifer

May 19th, 2014

Soc 120 / Prof. Rasmussen

Fallacy Exercise: Teacher Suspended for Allegedly Grabbing Kindergartner

Child abuse happens on a daily basis noticed and unnoticed within families, friends, even strangers. However, to think the person educating a child, the person that a mother or father trust enough to leave in their hands -- is the same person hurting them is astonishing. On May 16th, 2014 an Ohio kindergarten teacher allegedly abused a six year old boy named Ian Nelson. Ian had gone to the bathroom and when walking out, his teacher, Barb Williams, picks him up and pushes him against a wall. "They should have fired her when they found out about the whole situation, that she put her hands on him,'' the parents agreed (). As the mother and father, Autumn and Anthony, watched to surveillance cameras while the teacher hassles Ian, they were in complete shock.

Within the discussion board of this article, there are many fallacies that appeal to emotion. As a user, Myvoicecounts comments "Big fat old Barb Williams needs to be fired! There are too many GOOD TEACHERS out there looking for work. (2014:#318)" Myvoicecounts argues from outrage while using forms of rhetoric like dysphemisms and innuendo; she emphasizes the weight of Barb Williams while also insinuating that she is not a good teacher. As well as johnsimmon1 using argument from outrage as well as scare tactics when commenting "If you're having a 'bad day', and you take it out on a child, thank your 'god' you don't love within a persons reach like myself." This is also showing the possible outcome of two wrongs make a right; although it was wrong for Williams to put her hands on a child, it would also be wrong for johnsimmon1 to put their...