IAT Paper on Racism

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Emily Whitworth

November 4th, 2014


The weight Implicit Association Test is a specific assessment that has the ability to distinguish people who are obese and people who are thin. A question asked in the description assignment was, "What do you think the result means?" Also it asks at the end of the test about your religious views and other personal information. I honestly believe my religious views persuaded my results. The bible teaches us to love everyone and not to judge; therefore I think my religious beliefs influenced results.

I do not resent thin people at all I do have numerous friends and family members who are thin, but I think because more of the women in my family are larger I just view them differently. It never has bothered me and still does not bother me if anyone else was obese or fat because we are all the same at the end of the day.

I believe society's obsession with thinness has had negative repercussions on young girls. I think the feedback I received was mostly accurate in that this test associated genuine, conscious beliefs. It says in the results that there are implicit associations with recognizing certain body images and it may influence people who possess different responses and conscious beliefs. Do I agree because of my history with overweight family? Do I agree because of my own body type? I am apart of the other 7% of people that have taken this test who slightly prefer fat people compared to thin people. The IAT test shows that people's results while taking this test are faster at sorting when good words and thin images go with the same key. This includes people that consciously have no preference between weight groups. So I believe that this test...