"How Icarus Drowned"

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Insignificantly off the coast there was a splash quite unnoticed this was Icarus drowning- William Carlos Williams***__________ i. the Last of IcarusThis is how it feels to fly, hovering silently in air, in stillness, in your own heartbeat, silhouetted against the sun like some glorious Roman God.

And perhaps you won’t fall… perhaps you’ll stay there forever, trapped in one golden instant, trapped in a fraction of a second that won’t give way… sunlit, golden, triumphant for this one moment…And then comes the familiar falling sensation, the slow, deliberate plummeting downwards, an awkward sort of grace… soundless screams and thundering heartbeat to match the crashing waves below… hurtling in a dive of wing and wax and feather and fear…But you can never really shake away the feeling that you have caused your own death… memories, memories, of nights spent plotting your own suicide, searching for the right feel of things… the balance, in order to fly… the end is close now, as the sky – the sun – and the roaring waves close in on you, close in on themselves, as you spin with a helpless grace into their embrace… as they loom closer… memories… and closer… you plotted your own death… and closer…__________ ii.

InkTime seems so impatient these days, moving along quickly, grey, blurred, double-stepping, go – go – go! Even the desert sands seem to sense this new, foreign way of things… how they beat mercilessly around your legs, scorching your heels… but you stand there, and you let the sand ruin you…You’re waiting for something, but you’re not sure what. You’ve been waiting so long, the sun, the sky, the sand, the heat… all has become blurred to you… you can no longer tell what are hours, or minutes, or speeding seconds. You can...