ICC and LRA in Northern Uganda

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Justin Edwards

ICC's Involvement in Uganda

There is a new age arising in the international political system with accountability being made a priority though the International Criminal Court. The International Criminal Court was created to stop events such as the atrocities in Rwanda and South Africa and Iraq by showing the leaders there is a punishment for their actions and the world will not turn its head. The Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda is the International Criminal Courts first chance to use its authority and this is their chance to spark change in the world of impunity by prosecuting the Lord's Resistance Army for its crimes against humanity. If they want to gain legitimacy and be thought of as a world authority they must prosecute the members of the LRA because that will send a message to the rest of the world that crimes against humanity will not be done with impunity but there will be a price to pay.

In Northern Uganda there is a conflict between the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) and the Ugandan government. The LRA is a mainly spiritual organization led by Joseph Kony (believes himself to be a spiritual medium) who believes that God wants them to over through the government and rule it by the 10 commandments (old Testament Judo-Christian scripture). The LRA was formed in 1987 when Joseph Kony led a rebellion against the Ugandan government which was inspired by the Alice Auma Holy Spirit movement in which a spirit told her that God wanted the Ugandan government overthrown. During this conflict there have been many crimes against humanity. The LRA is well known for attacking village in the middle of the night and stealing children to raise in the military and taking girls to be their sex...